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Los Angeles HCG Doctor, Kenneth Kafka, M.D. offers the HCG Medical Weight Loss Program for both men and women at his Los Angeles, California based practice. The HCG diet as originally formulated by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, MD in the 1950’s is a very unique medical treatment for obesity and also an extremely efficient way to lose weight rapidly if you are simply overweight. The only commonality it has with other diets is that it is low calorie (for only a brief period of time). All similarities stop there. It is a biological, hormonally based diet that is very well researched. It’s safe, efficient and practical and perhaps most importantly, it positions one in a unique physiological and psychological way to maintain the weight loss.

I came upon the program in early 2007 quite by accident. (See HCG Diet Program). It was brought to my attention many months before it became popular again (it was all the rave in the 1960’s and 70’s) by a patient who had recently completed the program at a clinic in Switzerland. I read the material and was quite skeptical that it would work because I thought the original theories were too simplistic. In the summer of 2007 it started to hit the media as the new secret “it” diet. At the insistence of several of my patients who had been struggling with obesity most of their lives, I reluctantly agreed to give it a try as long as I could supervise them very closely. I started a weekly support group to monitor their progress and as the saying goes, I haven’t looked back. This program is extraordinary in every way and I have been using it successfully in my practice ever since.

There are many unique features to the program. It is short term and employs tiny doses of the pregnancy hormone HCG (the hormone you check in a urine pregnancy test) that both effectively dissolves unwanted fat and at the same time blunts your appetite by acting directly on the feeding center in your brain. Weight loss is quite rapid and hunger is usually minimal or non-existent. Because of the biological mechanism that gets triggered, one’s metabolism gets jump-started and the weight comes off in places that other diets generally do not to access. This also makes it much easier to keep the weight off.

Your body structure will reshape itself during the few weeks on the program. Most people who have tried the HCG diet are amazed at how rapidly the pounds come off. It is remarkably efficient. Average weight loss over the course of the program is two thirds to three quarters of a pound per day, so a short three and one half week program easily brings about a 15 to 20 pound weight loss if you have that much to lose. The impact is visible right away, and the positive effects the HCG diet has on your body and your mood will be immediately apparent.

Here I am, over six years later, still marveling each week at how well everyone does as they go through the program. Part of what I love about the program is that it positions one to maintain the weight loss after the program ends. This is done through a well thought out three-week period of a maintenance diet, some simple but profound guidelines and a mindful transition back into a new healthful way of eating that is personally tailored to each individual. I guide everyone through the entire process. When you add that to the rebooted metabolism, one is truly positioned to make permanent change.

Questions? Please call West Los Angeles HCG Doctor, Kenneth R. Kafka, M.D. to schedule your consultation, discuss your symptoms and decide on a course of treatment for your specific needs.